Posters & Talks:

Unexpected System-Specific Periodicity in qPCR data and its Impact on Quantitation.
Talk given at the qPCR & NGS 2015 in Freising on 25/3/2015.

Surprising Structural Features in the Baseline Region of qPCR Curves.
Talk given at the qPCR & dPCR 2014 in London on 20/10/2014.

Spermatozoal gene expression, spermiogram or testicular histology? Which one is the best predictor for ART outcome?
Talk given at the DGA 2014 in Gießen on 19/09/2014.

Feasibility of Correlation Filtering for the identification of testicular co-expression and co-regulation.
Poster-Talk given at the ETW18 in Elsinore, Denmark on 16/05/2014.

Correlation of classical andrological parameters with oocyte fertilization rates in ICSI-treatment.
Poster-Prize Talk given at the DVR 2013 in Münster on 07/12/2013.

From spermatogonia to mature sperm: Gene expression changes that define the fate and function of male germ cells.
Talk given at the HZRM Kolloquium in Gießen on 13/11/2013.

A cross-platform/cross-laboratory microarray study as a powerful tool reveal gene expression signatures of male infertility.
Poster presented at the ECA 2012 Meeting in Berlin on 29/11/2012.

Improving sigmoidal fitting of real-time PCR: Linear-quadratic-sigmoidal hybrid models, error analysis and weighting.
Talk given at Genomics Research Europe 2012 in Frankfurt on 05/09/2012.

Correlating global gene expression of human ejaculates with oocyte fertilization/pregnancy.
Talk given at the European Testis Workshop in Stockholm on 23/04/2012.

Das Genexpressionsprofil humaner Ejakulate aus einem IVF-Programm.
Poster presented at the DVR 2011 Meeting in Berlin on 10/11/2011.
Also in: J Repromed Endo (2011), 8(5), 342.

Visualizing High-Throughput qPCR data:
Using quality control and advanced graphics within the analysis pipeline.

Talk given at the qPCR Europe 2011 in Munich on 08/09/2011.

Evaluation and applicability of advanced/exotic qPCR quantification
strategies and their implementation.

Talk given at the qPCR 2011 in Munich on 30/03/2011.

The calculation of real-time PCR rations by means of Monte Carlo
simulation or high-order Taylor expansion.

Talk given at the qPCR 2009 in Munich on 11/03/2009.

The tilted threshold line: An alternative to the horizontal counterpart which
is commonly used
for dilution curve quantitation?
Poster presented at the qPCR 2009 in Munich on 09/03/2009 - 11/03/2009.

Das globale Genexpressionsprofil humaner spermatogonialer
Stammzellen und ihrer Nische.

Talk given at the DGA Meeting 2008 Halle on 13/09/2008.

Testikuläre Gewebehomogenität aus der Perspektive einer
globalen Genexpressionsanalyse.
Poster presented at the DGA Meeting 2008 in Halle on 11/09/2008 - 13/09/2008.