Screenshots from the qpcR library:

Fitting a 4-parameter
sigmoidal model

Fitting a 5-parameter
sigmoidal model

Fitting replicates into a
'replist' and plotting all

Fitting replicates into a
'replist' and display error bars

Analysis of qPCR efficiency
and threshold cycles

Outlier detection and fitting
an exponential model

Model selection by nested
f-tests or Akaike weights

Batch calculation of
many qPCR runs

Calibration curves
and new samples prediction

Examining the fit in
the exponential region

Error propagation with
Monte Carlo simulation

Permutation of class labels
similar to REST software

Averaging a batch of
reference PCRs

'Window-of-linearity' method with baseline optimization

qPCR data => confidence

Simulating qPCR data

PRESS statistic

Cy0 value as in Guescini et al.

Finding non-sigmoidal structures (failed runs)

Melting curve analysis and automatic Tm detection

Batch ratio analysis using three methods (MC, Perm, Prop)

7-parameter model and residuals plot

'mak3' mechanistic model from Boggy et al. (2010)

'Linear regression of efficiency' with baseline optimization

"heatmap"-like image plot for high-throughput data

'cm3' mechanistic model from Carr & Moore (2012)

3D-Plot of a qPCR batch